Awesome Features

Experience a new way
to create courses.

  • Effortless course creation

    Use artificial intelligence to generate entire courses including texts, images and quizzes. Bring your idea to life in seconds and your training content to your audience in minutes!

  • Seamless creation meets stunning design

    With RapiTrain, you can focus on their ideas as the platform takes care of tedious tasks like content alignment and branding. The platform provides one-click themes to ensure that the content looks professional and polished every time.

  • For those important moments

    RapiTrain is here to assist you in creating exceptional courses in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re in charge of a sizable organization, starting a solo venture, or developing content for personal use, our platform helps you achieve your goals quickly and easily.


  • Easy sharing

    Share your RapiTrain courses with others quickly and easily by providing them with a link. For added security, you can also assign a password to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the content.

  • Monitor and evaluate progress

    Effortlessly track and report participant progress by exporting your RapiTrain courses as xAPI (Tin Can API) or SCORM packages that can be easily integrated with your LMS.

  • Audio clips

    Enhance your web content with professional audio by using our simple and user-friendly platform to record narration or upload audio files directly from your browser.

How does it work?

RapiTrain is an innovative and powerful tool that can help you create engaging and interactive content quickly and easily using a variety of different media types. It uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate text and image content from your input.

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